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This is one of the better community concepts I've seen in my Livejournal days.

Wow. I am most decidedly not getting any at the current moment.
I'd have to say my dating history is just like the last penis I came in contact with - short and pathetic.

Being that I'm currently really fucking in love with my best friend, Andrew, who has admitted his feelings for me but refuses to do anything about it because of a) being afraid of fucking up the friendship because in his (one) experience things are never the same..and he's not willing to risk it and b) because he's a really immature asshole. (And I quote: me-"can you honestly tell me that you feel nothing for me?" him-"no...but I'm a really good liar.")
But he still likes to act like we're together. sdlvkanwpeicafj24afa444444
I also found out today that this weekend he was hanging out with another good friend of ours..and that today she was all being..girly about it. I'd always thought they liked each other.. imagine my dismay here.

Not to mention I'm just about stalking one of my exes that I broke up with for someone else (who turned out to be needy, creepy, excessively clingy, and is the owner of the aforementioned .. shortcoming) but am terrified to pursue it, because I don't dare hurt him again, and just knowing how I feel about Andrew, it would be highly unfair (although it would serve Andrew right to realize that I'm not going to be around forever just at his convenience)

So, how's everyone's day going?
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